Skiing Sunglasses – what you need to know

When we're water skiing, the sun is usually shining brightly. That means our eyes are vulnerable to damaging UVA/UVB rays, glare off the surface of the water and wind.

I have had sunburned eyes and suffered for days – I even had to stop skiing while my eyes healed! There's evidence that sunburned eyes can lead to further damage down the road.

With all the information available on health and staying fit, we don't usually think about our eyes. Hopefully, this website will motivate you to make your eyes a priority!

Over the years I tried all of the latest designs in sunglasses. From the inexpensive to the high-priced, fancy brand-name eyewear. There isn't a one that I would recommend. Believe it or not, I didn't find one pair of glasses that had all the features necessary to protect my eyes while skiing.

Some of the sunglasses gave me the UVA and UVB protection from the sun, some had Polarized lenses, some had a wrap-around frame that felt comfortable, but none had a strap that kept the sunglasses on my face.

Ten years ago, SeaSpecs introduced their sunglasses to the water sports community with a mission to provide athletes with the best in eye protection. Now SeaSpecs is the brand name in sports sunglasses.

SeaSpecs have all the features I have been looking for in sunglasses for eye protection. Finally…a pair of sports sunglasses that protect my eyes! What sets SeaSpecs apart from all other sports sunglasses is the patented, integrated strap system. The design lets me adjust the fit with ONE hand – now that's priceless.

The R&D Department must have some very ingenious people on its staff for they figured out how to design a single size frame so buying these sunglasses is a piece of cake.

The sunglasses come in three different lens tints: Grey for bright sunny conditions, Brown for early morning/late afternoon/overcast conditions and Clear for extremely overcast/night time when protection from wind and water spray is needed. SeaSpecs are 100% UVA/UVB Resistant and all models are Polarized except Crystal Specs (Clear lens).

Finally, if you wear prescription glasses, SeaSpecs can make a custom pair of sunglasses for you without breaking the bank. And it only takes about two weeks.

Lots of their customers have written about the company and I've posted a few of their comments here…

From the day I got the SeaSpecs, I have been using it every time when I went out for kitesurfing. It feels so good when using it.

See attached a picture which you can use to put on your famous gallery if you want. This picture is of me with my blue SeaSpecs (my favorite color from all three SeaSpecs I have )  and was taken in Farø in Denmark during sunfall last Friday. It was awesome to kite with the glasses during the sunfall.  

Again thanks for the good service and your quality product.  The copyrights of the picture are belonging to my boyfriend (Aleksandar Milojevic), which by the way is very happy with his prescription SeaSpecs as well.

Best regards,
Monique van Staalduinen

My SeaSpecs are always with me – no matter how rough the water gets!  Thank you, SeaSpecs!  

Simon Tapaj, Soca River
Bovec, Slovenia